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Our approach

Digital Transformation enabled by Five Key Technologies


The Cloud

Adopt Cloud Computing services to deploy your applications and store your critical data. Make the right choice and select the Cloud that fits best with your requirements: technical, economical and operational.

  • Quick provisioning in resources    – – – – >    Elasticity
  • Via self -service or API   – – – – – >  Flexibility
  • Pay-per-use   – – – – – >    Cost optimization
  • Value creation  – – – – >    Leverage innovation of Cloud providers
  • MultiCloud   – – – – >    Eliminate Vendor Lock-in

Big Data

Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of Data (real time and batch) from capture, to preparation, analysis, knowledge extraction, visualization and taking the right decision at the right time.
  • Data – Fuel innovation
  • Data – Accelerate progress
  • Trends and sentiments analysis
  • Know your customers’ profiles
  • Better products targeting
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase your competitiveness

Artificial Intelligence

Deploy AI tools for better decision making in various processes of your enterprise.

  • Apprehend the technologies
  • Know the industry and the research centers
  • Select critical domains where AI provides with the best return
  • Select appropriate deployment methodology
  • Conduct risk assessment


Adopt a Blockchain solution for useful and measurable outcomes. Develop your own within a new community or join existing communities. Understand the meaning of decentralization and the impact on your organization.
  • Blockchain Permissioned or Permissionless: which one to choose?
  • Deployment plan with minimum risk
  • Control decentralization and consensus protocols impact and integrate the outcome in your governance and best management practices
  • Coaching during adoption journey
  • How to integrate Blockchain platform with your IT environment
  • Impact on your organization: no intermediaries but new “validator” roles
  • Readiness for the new wave qualified as a disruptive and equivalent to the Internet wave of the 90’s

Cybersecurity and Digital Trust

Which solution for which problem Case analysis, Deep dive into cybersecurity tools and practices to protect your organization from cyberattacks.
  • Detection
  • Identification
  • Impact handling
  • Recovery
  • Compliance with GDPR


Horizontal Applications

  • Adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service) model that is more efficient and more economical
  • Integration of Machine Learning tools for better predictions of clients’  expectations and for dynamic adaptation of the products to market’s demand

Vertical Applications

Advice on the design and selection of new solutions from the Open Source Software world in particular, combined with advanced tools from the AI, Blockchain and IoT domains.

New Applications enabled by the Blockchain

If you are looking for one of the rich set of Blockchain applications, we will help you in analyzing the use case and decide on moving forward with an ambitious project.

  • Horizontal – Self Sovereign Identity and « smart contract » for direct value transaction between individuals and enterprises
  • Energy – Direct energy trading between producers and consumers (adapted to green energy) and integration with global grid
  • Transport – Registration and monitoring of vehicles, traceability of driving distances, smart insurance, and charging management for EV
  • Supply chain and Logistics – Management of end-to-end process to track goods from the source to consumers with full transparency and traceability
  • Health – Management and monitoring of clinical trials. Patients files exchange between citizens and medical establishments. hospitals.
  • Education – Academic degrees distribution and verification
  • Content creation – recording, distribution and monetization of artistic work
  • Finance – Direct payment, exchange platforms of new cryptocurrencies
  • Services publics – Administrative papers and certificates, property registration, vote

Cloud Migration Plan

An essential step in the journey toward reaching your Digital Transformation objectives.
  • Requirements analysis, and selection of generic Cloud Computing model (Public, Private, Hybrid)
  • Comparative analysis of major offerings: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, OVH, VMware, Orange, Alibaba
  • Marketplace and DevOps tools analysis
  • For global enterprises where a Multicloud approach brings more values, we propose:
    • Design plan
    • Selection of federation tools
    • Support service requirements
    • Vendor selection
    • SLA definition
    • Interoperability requirements analysis (for reversibility or vendor’s switching) according to EU regulations and rules of conduct
    • Cloud standards adoption criteria: Model – ISO 17788, Interoperability – ISO 19941, SLA -ISO 19086

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Member of IEEE, AAAI and active contributor to Ile-de-France professional associations and European Forums


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